Our Silent Witness

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are commanded to do our part to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). One of the most important ways we can fulfill this is through recognizing the evangelistic efforts in the way we represent Christ in our daily walk.

While we should pray daily for God to place the lost in our path so we can witness to them the power of the Gospel, we should not overlook the silent witness of the light within us by the way we carry ourselves daily through the interactions with others around us. Do we represent a life transformed in Christ, one that has been renewed by the Holy Spirit? (Romans 12:2; Ephesians 4:22-24)

The ways of the world are ever before us and it is easy to let our priorities get turned around. We are certainly not immune to being taken captive by temporary pleasures and activities and while many of these are not sinful in themselves, they can become so when we make such pleasures first place in our hearts over our relationship with God (1 Corinthians 9:24–25).

If the world around you knows you are a Christian, rest assured there are some who are watching you carefully, waiting for you to fall, only to cry out “Hypocrite!” Therefore, we must always be on guard, recognizing that our walk with the Lord should guide us in all activities and pursuits. In James 4:4, the brother of Jesus warns us against blending in to the world so much that we can no longer be distinguishable as a child of God.

We should be in regular self-reflection, especially in this day of instant sharing through social media. Are we projecting a life of grace and mercy in what we leave behind on Facebook, for example, or are we posting and re-posting thoughts and images that promote divisiveness and discontent that serve no purpose in furthering evangelism? Are we reflecting a person who is the light of the world (Matthew 5:14) or one who is steeped in the world?

By being judgmental in this manner, are we really growing in our own sanctification?

Let our walk in Christ be reflected in every interaction, whether it is with family, friends, business associates, or complete strangers. We have to recognize it is no longer just what we say and do, but also in what we post and repost that determines our witness. Go back in Matthew 5 and read the Sermon on the Mount again, and let that be your guide to how you should approach each day.

Our silent witness to others may be the only encounter some person has with God’s Word that day. Let it be such that it leaves enough of an impression on that individual so they might say, “I want to be like that, too”. 

We may never know how many people we have turned towards Christ just in the way we carry ourselves. I pray that every believer in Jesus Christ uses their silent witness in such a way to reach this dying and lost world, and for that we will give God all of the glory.