A Distorted Mind

If we’re to be honest, we are all mostly self-centered. Yes, some are more altruistic than others, but our inward focus tends to be a dominant factor throughout mankind. We can look back to the original indwelling of sin (Genesis 6:11; Ephesians 4:22), which instigated this inherent focus towards self-centeredness, which in turn affects every aspect of our interpersonal relationships with the world.

This noetic effect of sin negatively affects and undermines the human mind and intellect. Accordingly, this sin affects both our reasoning as well as our knowing. While our ability to reason remains intact, without the encompassing revelation of truth found in God’s Word we cannot fully comprehend how distorted our minds are.

To make matters worse, those who seek secular psychology as a solution are often told that the guilt one feels because of our thoughts and actions is the problem itself, as the shifting of blame moves from the individual to the environment around him or her. Such therapy merely covers up what is at the heart of the matter.

Solutions such as this also work to suppress the inhabiting Holy Spirit in us, by reducing or even eliminating the relevancy of sin to our condition by downplaying the conviction we feel. It is in this incongruence with God’s will for our lives that we often find ourselves troubled.

God’s Word is clear on this matter. His Word is complete and perfect and available to help any human condition (2 Timothy 3:16-17). But first, we must truly understand the effects of original sin on the heart (Matthew 15:18-19; Romans 6:16-23) as well as the redemptive power of the work of Christ.

Light must replace darkness. The solution is not going to be found in anything this world offers, but only through a deeper relationship with the One who knows you best: your Creator. Open His Word and you will indeed find the perfect prescription for what troubles you, regardless of what you are facing.

Seek the counsel of someone who abides in God’s Word. A word of caution: just because someone says they are a “Christian Counselor”, it does not mean that they rely on the Bible for a solution. Often, they infuse secular psychological techniques into their treatment, believing God’s Word is insufficient for dealing with the matter.

Let God have your life and seek Him in all earnestness. You need not be cleansed and pure before this takes place. God will meet you where you are and create a new heart within you—if you will only let Him.

Allow your mind—and your heart—to be transformed by His Word.