Sowing Seeds

Matthew 13:3 (ESV)
“And he told them many things in parables, saying: “A sower went out to sow...”

Singular in focus, we can see from this simple passage at the beginning of the parable that a man simply went to do the task at hand. When we look to our own duty to sow, often we feel that much preparation must first be planned and implemented before the actual “sowing” event can take place. And in this, we get bogged down in the mire of out-thinking this simple task.

There is a plague of sorts it seems upon the Christian church that we must first prepare ourselves with exemplary rhetoric and well-conceived sentences, believing that if we are not completely polished and eloquent in speech we cannot do the work the Lord has appointed us to do.

But that is misguided at best and foolish at worst. Scripture, in fact, gives us a perfect example of an individual who acknowledged his own lack of eloquence: the Apostle Paul. In 2 Corinthians 11:6, Paul talks of his ability to speak as not as important as it is to simply know Christ; a concept he first introduced to the Corinthian church in an earlier letter (c.f. 1 Corinthians 2:1-2).

Just as it is with discerning our true commitment to Christ, it is the heart that determines the sower’s ability to sow. If there is not a desire to sow, then there will be little effort put forth in sowing. If our heart does not possess the urgency to save a fellow soul from eternal damnation, then there will be little incentive to tell that person about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Paul never lost his focus on sowing seeds for the sake of Christ, regardless of how unpolished his ability to speak may have been.

So it is with us. We are called just as this parable demonstrates, to sow seeds in all places, not concerned with eloquence of speech. It is not for us to determine if it is good soil or not, but that of the Holy Spirit. Let us simply just do our duty—to sow. Sow down in barren paths, in thorny bushes, and in green pastures. Let the One who reaps the harvest collect those who spring up from the seed we plant.

Let us no longer make excuses, believing God has not called us to sow, that it is not our gift. Child of God, it is within you if only you will trust in the one who saved you! Place your confidence in your Lord, go forth and scatter the seed of salvation.