Bringing Glory to Christ

John 17:10 (ESV)
"All mine are yours, and yours are mine, and I am glorified in them."

In our study verse, Jesus is praying to the Father for His apostles, as the hour has almost arrived for His arrest and subsequent crucifixion. Jesus indicates that through the faithful works of the apostles, they will bring Him glory.

But bringing glory to Christ was and is not limited to the eleven + one. We too can bring Him glory.

To glorify God refers to acknowledging who He is and giving Him the honor through our praise and worship. His very essence is glory and it is right for us to recognize this in our daily lives (1 Chronicles 16:28-29).

Bringing glory to the Lord is not reserved for those who possess great talent, in noble speech, or in titles given by man. No preacher, archbishop, priest, or any other human is any closer to God than you are. We all stand alike as His created. This means even the poorest, most wretched, and miserable among us can bring glory to God. Your social status, title, and education mean nothing if it is not being used for His glory.

When a new soul is brought to Christ, redeemed from a wayward life, His glory is magnified through this conversion. In this, no man must attempt to share the spotlight. All we are tasked to do is plant seeds, but it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit where a life becomes truly transformed.

Bringing glory to God does not end with conversion. Through a life of enduring preservation, can such a life also bring glory to God. As a child of God—or better yet a soldier of God—when we remain steadfast in our zeal for His kingdom through the various times of trials and strife, we bring glory to our Father. Throughout all of the temptations beaten, all of the doubts overcome, all of the evil thrown at us from this world, we have brought glory to Him. “I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”; let that be the cry of every believer in their final hours of fleshly life.

Wherever our station, let us strive to glorify Him not only in private, but in our public arena as well. You need not be a great speaker or writer, but you have a life to live that can reflect His glory. Whatever your vocation, do it with the intent of bringing glory to God in every transaction and let the Fruit of the Spirit be magnified through your actions.

Ask yourself each day, “Did I bring glory to my Father?”