Why Go To Church?

It is a well-known fact that those professing to be Christians in America (somewhere around 80%) do not make it to church regularly, if at all. Why?

Perhaps they feel their faith is personal and as long as they believe in Christ, salvation is secured. Certainly, attending church is not a prerequisite for our eternal glory, but it is vital in the sanctification process of every believer.

Any chance Satan can weaken a Christian’s witness, he is happy to do so. We combat his schemes through church attendance, where we can hear the Word of God proclaimed, the very foundation of Truth (Romans 10:17; 1 Timothy 3:15). When we are assembled together as one body of Christ, we mutually strengthen our faith through encouragement and even admonishment (Hebrews 10:25).

Jesus warned those gathered that “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word which proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). He knew that those living solely in the carnal world without a shelter would fall easily into the trappings of the world and stray from His teachings. That is the reason He commanded us to seek His kingdom first before anything this world has to offer (Matthew 6:33).

The farther away we are from the influence of a local body of believers, the easier it is to fall into temptation. All of us, Christian and non-Christian, have our “go-to” sins that we are more prone to commit. Without the accountability provided by the relationships in the church body, we are less inclined to withstand the temptation when it comes around. Joining a group of committed believers can help you fend off these desires. This is why Paul so often wrote about being mutually encouraged by one another. Even Paul was not immune to sin and temptation; but he recognized the need to be in the company of fellow believers to help strengthen him (Acts 28:15; Romans 1:12; Philippians 1:7-8; 18-20; Philippians 4:14-15; Colossians 4:11) .

The excuses to not attend are familiar. “It’s my only day to sleep in” or “I have so many things to do”, etc…, but it all boils down to where is your priority, or better yet, where is your heart? Those who are tied to the things of this temporal world will see no need to attend church because this meager existence is more important than where they will spend eternity; for dealing with such things is for only those approaching death.

Oh, but there is no promise of tomorrow. In fact, there is no promise of even drawing your next breath. Consider how easy it could be that in 30 seconds from now you could be face to face with our Savior. With that thought in mind, putting off your heart’s priorities the way God wants them is not a wise plan.

Through church attendance, you grow spiritually. You become a better witness to those around you and you learn to develop the gifts God has entrusted you with to serve others. We were not meant to hide our faith. Jesus said let your light shine before others so we can be an example to a lost and dying world (Matthew 5:16). We cannot do this sitting on our couch at home watching some TV preacher.

If you’ve stopped attending a church because of other people and/or hypocritical behavior, then find another one to attend. Do not let another human being keep you from worshipping God in a corporate setting. In a society that is moving so quickly towards complete moral bankruptcy, we all need as much mutual encouragement as possible.

You might very well be the person somebody has prayed for to come into his or her life; you may be a Barnabas in the making.

Seek God, and seek a church to serve Him this Sunday.