Being Still

Psalm 46:10 (ESV)
“Be still, and know that I am God….”

When you think about it, all of our sorrows, cares, and trials which bring pain to our hearts and lives are not by chance; they either come by the hand of God, or they are allowed by Him. This is a fundamental precept of the Providence of God.

Believer or unbeliever, it is still natural to ask, “Why?” when such times befall us. We can turn to the Apostle Paul who recognized that His ways are sometimes hidden from us (Romans 11:33), and this coming from a man who suffered mightily during his ministry: He is kidnapped (Acts 21:27), beaten (Acts 21:30-31; 23:3), threatened (Acts 22:22; 27:42), arrested many times (Acts 21:33; 22:24, 31; 23:35; 28:16), accused in lawsuits (Acts 21:34; 22:30; 24:1-2; 25:2, 7; 28:4), interrogated (Acts 25:24-27), ridiculed (Acts 26:24), ignored (Acts 27:11), shipwrecked (Acts 27:41) and bitten by a viper (Acts 28:3).

Just as it was with Paul, it is with us. God tells us what to do when these sorrows come upon us. He tells us to “BE STILL, and know that I AM GOD”. Here is a simple but powerful message from our Father indicating His love and tenderness to His created. It’s also a message that God reveals Himself to the world in many different ways—not just through the beauty of His creation. In Psalm 46:8, David reminds us of this very thing.

By accepting His Will for our lives, we are avoiding the wrong of questioning Him. So amid our heartaches, sorrows, and disappointments, He says to us, “Be still.” It is not a stillness born of idleness, or in the inactivity of dead hopes; but rather a calm rest, born of faith. We are to be still in regards to murmuring or complaining words. We are to be still in our minds and not harbor rebellious thoughts. We are to be still in our hearts, accepting God’s appointment and not wishing for another way to work things out. We are to be still in our very souls, placing ourselves in His care, knowing His will for our lives is perfect.

To know God is to go beyond intellectual knowledge—but we should desire to know Him with our heart. This can only be accomplished by a relationship that is centered on communion with Him, a communion that has prayer at the forefront of this relationship. When we recognize this, we recognize that He IS the embodiment of knowledge, wisdom, love and power.

So if you are suffering from some affliction or sorrow, rest assured God knows it. His wisdom approves it, His love prompted it, and His power permitted it. All power resides in Him in heaven and on earth, and the keys to death and hell are in His hands. And in this is our blessed assurance: “KNOW that I AM GOD” is sufficient for any hour of trial we encounter.

Let us be content that our Lord knows the end from the beginning; and His Word assures us that all things work together for good to those who love God (Romans 8:28).

Be still and know Him.