Being Faithful Over a Little

Matthew 25:21 (ESV)
“His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.”

This verse above is one that most of us long to hear repeated by our Savior when our time comes to meet Him face-to-face. Truth be told, many of us believers probably wonder if we have done enough to contribute to the Kingdom of God to warrant such a welcome. Why? Because quite often, we trap ourselves into a “keeping-up-with-the joneses” mentality by comparing our efforts to others.

We look around and see others with immense talents, for instance, and recognize our own deficiency in a like manner. Likewise, we see others who have the resources to provide so much more to community endeavors than we can, and we feel unworthy. When we fall into this vicious cycle of comparison, many will begin to doubt their very earnestness as a follower of Christ and begin to question their own prospects of salvation.

In our silent thoughts, we say, “I cannot preach. I cannot even give a testimony. It’s hard to pray in front of others or share the Gospel, even to my own family.” We must let go of this stranglehold on our belief. If you cannot witness for God by word of mouth, then speak through your silent walk of faith and by the love you express to others. Never underestimate how impactful your silent witness can be to others. Let the light of Christ shine in your very actions. In this, you are being faithful to the few things you have.

You may ask, “What have I to offer? I am a nobody.” Dismiss such foolishness right away. Every one of us is invaluable to our Creator. We all have the joy of the Holy Spirit within us—share your happiness. You have been granted peace through the gift of salvation—make peace wherever you go, and in all situations. Through God’s mercy you have been granted forgiveness—forgive others by not being easily offended or by disposing of any gossip aimed at highlighting the sins and shortcomings of others.

Being a witness for Christ is so much more than possessing a prominent speaking ability, or possessing great wealth to share more assets with others. When we focus on such items, we lose sight of the great equalizer and greatest weapon that we all possess—rich or poor: prayer.

It is through praying for someone that the greatest favor is endowed. On our knees, in a humble and earnest conversation with God can we have the most impact on the lives of those around us. Only imagine what a deafening blow it would be for Satan to witness so many of God’s children lifting up the souls of the lost to our mighty Father in Heaven!

By being faithful to what God has given us, we honor Him. Do not get caught up in comparisons, for you are unique for a reason—a reason your Father loves you so much so that He chose you before the foundations of the earth to be His child (Ephesians 1:4).