A Type of Christ: Joseph

“Joseph opened all the Storehouses” (Gen. 41:56)

There are many instances in the story of Joseph that we can see a type of Christ, and this short verse is no exception. God’s providence was on display in the raising up of Joseph to be in a position to save the nation of Israel, and actually the entire world, from starvation; just as Christ was sent to save the world from an eternal hunger—a separation from God. As Joseph opened the storehouses, how much more did Christ open the doors for His grace!

Consider these other parallels:

  • Joseph only opened the storehouses because he had the authority to do so (Genesis 41:55). Compare with John 14:6
  • In the same verse, the Pharaoh commanded that Joseph be obeyed (see John 5:23 in comparison)
  • Joseph was fully fit to open the storehouses because of his planning and execution of the storage process (Genesis 41:49) as well as his wisdom in distribution. Compare this to Christ, who in His fullness, has planned and provided for our salvation (Colossians 1:19; John 1:16).
  • Joseph filled the storehouses because he knew at some point they would be needed. He chose the right time to open the storehouses and kept them open while the famine lasted (Genesis 41:55-56), allowing anyone who hungered to be fed. Christ in His mercy, still welcomes all who would hunger for everlasting life (John 6:35) and is still waiting for all to receive Him into their hearts.
  • The Egyptians gladly yielded their money, their lands, and their persons to Pharaoh, that their lives might be preserved. When we rightly take our position as a slave to our Kyrios (Lord) and surrender ourselves, our substance, our abilities, our time, our all to Him we act in like manner. Our full submission and consecration are the grand result of infinite love.

In Joseph, the keys to survival were given for all the nations in the land. In Christ, the key to eternal salvation has been given for all who will receive this free gift. God provided a way out of certain death by rising up Joseph then to feed the world and by sending Jesus to die in our place over two thousand years ago to feed our souls.

In Christ is everything: our election, our adoption, our redemption, our justification, our sanctification, and ultimately, our glorification (Ephesians 1:3-7; Romans 8:17; Philippians 3:20-21; 1 Corinthians 15:42-43).

Christ has opened the storehouses for us. Are you hungry enough to receive His free gift?