Lessons on Obedience

If you have ever read through the Bible, once or many times over, you most assuredly have your favorite books to read, and well, your not-so-favorite books to read.

I count Romans, Hebrews, and James among my personal favorites and always look forward to re-reading these Scriptural gems. However, my current daily reading has me passing through the latter parts of Exodus, moving into Leviticus, and soon to Numbers.

While I am constantly reminded that ALL Scripture is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16), some parts are simply more challenging to read than others. Going through all of the ceremonial laws, and the incredibly detailed instructions for the building of the tabernacle and the adornment of the priests requires diligent focus, to say the least.

But this time, I realized something new.

Over twenty times through these OT books did I find the phrase, “the Lord commanded Moses.” There has to be some significance in this, and I believe it has to do with learning obedience.

God was expressing in no uncertain terms what He requires for His children to do in order to be obedient. The explicitness of His plans in these books show not only a way forward for His people, but also show how much He loves us by providing clear direction for our lives.

That was my epiphany. It didn’t make reading through these books any less challenging, but I saw the reason now why it was so detailed. God wants us to know exactly what is required of us to have fellowship with Him. Just as it was back then, it is for us today.

It is through a proper understanding of these ancient rituals, that we appreciate all of God’s created order, and, more importantly, how much we should appreciate a faith that no longer requires such rituals because of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf.

The rituals of old required Israel to perform these as a Holy God cannot commune with the unholy. They were set up as a temporary means of fellowship that were required if He was going to dwell among His people. Today, He dwells among His people in the person of the Holy Spirit, and as such, we are to present our own bodies as the acceptable sacrifice (Romans 12:1).

God’s plan for our salvation is through knowing the person of Jesus Christ; and this can only become accomplished through developing a personal relationship with Him.

In order to do so, you must come to know Him intimately. After all, He knows you better than you know yourself. Isn’t it time you became obedient to holding up your end of the relationship?