Psalm 119:34 (ESV)
“Give me understanding, that I may keep your law and observe it with my whole heart.”

Relationships are built upon a knowledge of one another that goes beyond mere superficial understanding. For us to have the relationship with Jesus Christ that He desires for us, we must strive to learn to know Him intimately. It’s not an impossible task: we have the very resource in our homes to accomplish this: His Word.

But often, we become distracted or hindered by the noises around us. The “noise” of the world can come in many forms, from our own carnal desires, to those around us who attempt to interfere with our relationship with Christ. We find ourselves caring too much about the opinions of our unchurched friends who attempt to dissuade us from our faith, by both deed and word.

It’s not just the negative noise that can harm us, but the applause can be just as detrimental. When people around us shout out encouragement—which is indeed biblically sound (see 1 Thessalonians 5:11)—we can take that encouragement to a level it was never meant to be. Instead of remaining in humble service, we now seek out more and more applause for ourselves.

In John 16:33, Jesus proclaims that He has overcome the world; something we must also work towards as we sanctify ourselves. Moving the noises of the world to the background is one step of many along this path.

While we must remain in the world to share the Gospel, we also must refrain from being of the world. This is a pure heart issue. What do we long for? Where are our desires? Temporal or eternal? Carnal or Spiritual?

Seek the quiet solitude of an intimate relationship with the One who will call your name before the Father. It is in the silence of the day where we can meet Him. It is in the quiet time spent in devotion, study, and prayer where we can meet Him. When this world is shut out, the door to our Savior becomes open.

It is when we let the noises of this world fade away, where in the stillness of the moment and in the serenity of His promise that we will indeed find Him waiting to receive us.