Where is God?

Luke 24:31 (ESV)
“And their eyes were opened, and they recognized him. And he vanished from their sight.”

This verse is part of the story of the two men traveling towards Emmaus, who were joined in their journey by the risen Christ, yet they did not immediately recognize Him. It tells of the utter despair that had to be circulating among His disciples since His crucifixion and death. Like many, they were hoping that Jesus was the Messiah—the one who would deliver the Jews from Roman rule and usher in a new kingdom there, in their presence. But now, those hopes seemed distant and futile, for the person they believed would deliver them from Roman persecution was dead.

Yet, in this wonderful scene, Christ is walking beside them; victorious over death.

Can you identify with these two men? Discouraged and lost, feeling as though you can no longer feel the presence of the Lord in your life? You may be at a point where you find it difficult to pray, or to open up the Bible, and feel as though the love you once felt for Jesus is now waning. You feel a sense of hopelessness with no remedy in sight.

Child of God, you must listen to this: Jesus IS walking with you wherever you are. If you have accepted Him into your heart as your Lord and Savior, believing Him to be the only Son of God, you are not walking along your journey of life alone. The problem is not “Where is God?” but is “Where are you?”

While you may believe He has moved away from you, it is just the opposite. You have lost the ability to recognize Him in your life. In your times of struggle, and doubt, He is there with you, if only you will let Him in. There is not one single Scriptural reference that says our Lord will abandon us in times of strife; in fact, it is just the opposite. God’s unchanging Word promises us that He will never leave us ( Deuteronomy 31:6; 8; Joshua 1:5; 1 Chronicles 28:20; Psalm 37:28; 94:14; Isaiah 41:17; 42:16; Hebrews 13:5).

As we wander from Him and turn our attention to earthly things and the despair that befalls us, He is walking beside us just like these two men in the verse above, ready to open our eyes so we can recognize Him so we can receive from Him comfort, strength, and peace. As their eyes were kept from recognizing Him (Luke 24:16), so to can our hearts be the same way.

Therefore, the terms “drawing near to God” and “distance from God” deal not with where God is, but where we are in relation to Him. When we begin to fathom the full realization that Christ dwells in us (Colossians 1:27), we can better understand the steps we need to take to truly KNOW Him.

Jesus abides in us, fellow Christian, He is only as far away as you have moved from Him.

“Eternal Father, how gracious a gift you have given us in Jesus. To know that you love us so much that you would send your only Son to die in our place; Oh Lord, who are we that we deserve this? Let this prayer of humbleness go forth from every believer today so that your rightful place be established in our feeble hearts. Lord, you sustain us in our times of trial and only if we would let go of our own self-righteousness, we would indeed feel your presence. Let us in meekness, search your ways in all that we think, say, and do. Amen.”