A Portrait of Meekness

We have all been given the perfect example of meekness in the person of Jesus Christ, but I believe many still seem unclear on what that looks like in their own daily walk.

When relating meekness towards God, we should see this attribute as submission—utter, complete submission—to His will for our lives. This meekness God has promised to bless (Matthew 5:5) allows us to not venture into quarreling with God. In accepting the call on His life, Billy Graham stated that he accepted every word of the Bible as true, even though he didn’t understand many things in it. That is an example of meekness and also one of trust and faith.

The meek do not seek out fault in God’s teaching, as Billy Graham did. The meek recognize the mysteries of God and believe it to be His glory to leave some things unrevealed. The meek do not attempt to peer beyond the veil.

There are, after all, many difficult passages of Scripture. The meek do not attempt to persuade others that their own interpretation is the only correct interpretation, believing themselves to have intimate knowledge of God others cannot obtain. Rather, they themselves remain teachable and open to the Lord for the Truth to be written on their hearts.

Those who are meek are also willing to accept God’s chastening as well as His teaching, for quite often the two are inseparable. The meek receive the rod of correction and endure the will of God for their lives, recognizing the sanctification process is one of trial and of triumph.

The meek do not hold grudges against others, refusing to forgive, forgetting about their own sins and the willingness of a loving Father to forgive them. They look beyond the pettiness of men, and seek the high road in all endeavors. The meek recognize the suffering is but for a season, and praise the Lord for remembering them in both the valleys and mountaintops.

The meek recognize it is only self-defeating to continue kick against the goad (Acts 26:14), that in our rebellious state our sorrows are only multiplied exponentially. To be meek means to resign to His will instead of our own, for this alleviates the pain of empty rebellion.

Seek your own meekness, for in doing so you will be strengthened by the guiding Hand of God.