Darkness of Mind: The Solution

We need only look around at the world we live in to see the depth of immorality and how it has crept into almost every facet of our lives, leaving a wake of destruction in the form of broken homes, relationships, and individuals left behind.

Sadly, the church has not been immune from this disease either. Statistics point out that in virtually every category of pornography habit, Christian men are side-by-side with their secular counterparts. Put in numerical terms, put on average ten men together in a room among the congregations of America, and it is likely six of these men have viewed pornography in the last month.

This habitual sin will continue to fester and grow without an intentional intervention. Many will spend years simply riding the merry-go-round of committing the sin of pornography and crying out in false repentance over and over again.

Sitting in church on Sunday, singing in the choir, leading a Sunday school class, or belonging to a men’s group will do little to stem this cycle of sin. It can even harden a man’s heart to believe he has everything under control. But he’s dead wrong. His blindness is separating him further and further from a God who only wants to restore him to purity.

This darkness of mind, if not addressed, will soon grow cold to the Holy Spirit’s urging for true repentance.

The secular world has no answer to this problem. But God’s Word does.

If you are caught in this trap today, know that God’s Word is more powerful than any sin you can commit. I am living proof that the more Light you allow into your soul, the less room there is for darkness to reside. But you MUST decide to get off of the merry-go-round yourself.

No amount of preaching, book reading, seminar attending, accountability group meeting will do this for you. You must allow yourself to become weak so He can become strong within you. You must let go of your pride that has you blinded to believe you have this under control.

You must trust in God completely that He will restore you if you are willing (1 Corinthians 10:13). The escape path Paul writes of is immersion into God’s Word. You may feel a sense of hopelessness, in that nothing seems to keep you from reverting back to the power of this sin, but I assure you there IS hope.

Despite any feelings you may have of unworthiness, God's Word is for you. You can never be too unclean, too undeserving, or too far gone to open up the Bible and find redemption for your life. Bathe your mind in His Word and let Him restore you.

If you are caught up in pornography, I pray you will seek such an escape today. Even if you have not gotten caught, your Father already knows your sin (Hebrews 4:13; Luke 8:17). He is grieving over your sinful ways and wants nothing more than for you to turn away in true repentance today and seek His face.

If you do this, He is faithful and just to forgive you (1 John 1:9). As I’ve written before, once this happens, He will remember your sins no more.

Replace the darkness with the Light of Christ today, brother. He's waiting......