Bathed in Scripture

Psalm 37:31 (ESV)

“The law of his God is in his heart; his steps do not slip.”

When I reflect back on the past year and a half, one of the most contributing factors in my own recovery has been starting each and every day studying God’s Word.

What I also found enlightening was the difference it made as to when I studied. If I waited until evening or after I got off of work, my energy and zeal for study was not as strong as it was when I first would wake up. I found myself just going through the motions, checking off a particular reading segment without really contemplating its words.

Beginning my day in God’s Word also had a dramatic effect on my outlook towards the day as well as my interactions with others. I realized my morning bath in Scripture made me a little less judgmental, and more willing to extend grace to those around me, even those during my morning drive that otherwise would have had me leaning toward varying degrees of road rage.

No, the change was not overnight, nor in a matter of a couple of days. But as I persevered in ensuring I made the time for this every morning, I noticed the changes. I am a firm believer that the Holy Spirit works through His Word, and that this time spent in daily study has dramatically influenced my life, so much so that now I cannot imagine starting a day off without this morning habit.

It is in these times where I have come to learn discipline and obedience; and that the outpouring of what I study is produced in these posts. So often, when I read a part of Scripture that I’ve read dozens of times before, a connection jumps out at me or some other nuance that I previously overlooked. It’s like reading it for the very first time.

For those who have or are presently battling a sin that is keeping them from true fellowship with God, such a daily activity is a must. You absolutely must devote time to letting the Light of God replace the darkness of this carnal world. Only in these moments of study and prayer can you truly come to grips with the immeasurable grace of God that will change you from the inside out.

When you grow in knowledge of God’s Word, you begin to notice the influence it has on so many other facets of your existence: your decision-making structure is altered in such a way that you tend to use biblical truth as a precept for the myriad of decisions made each and every day. You have a frame of reference being written on your heart to draw from at will; a will that is still open to the temptations of the world and the “go-to” sin you may or may not have to deal with regularly. Except now, there is a growing understanding as to what the Armor of God is all about (Ephesians 6:10-18).

I also have truly begun to understand John 8:31-32. God's Truth is the path to freedom. Have I arrived? Absolutely not. My journey is one of daily renewal, but one that I now enjoy as being bathed in the Light of Scripture.

My prayer is that your day is similar.