Stunted Growth

Ephesians 4:15 (ESV)
“Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ,”

It’s unfortunately not all that uncommon to find those who profess to be followers of Christ present the same level of growth year after year. There is no indication of new and emerging revelation from diligent study of God’s Word, nor is there any indication of a life transformed by the receiving of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Should we be satisfied with our current state of affairs? Do we rest on the promises of God, believing “once saved, always saved” and see no reason to press forward? Paul certainly never did (c.f. Philippians 3:13-16), and has provided a model for us today. We should never deem our sanctification complete, just because the Author and Finisher of our faith has completed His portion.

We who have received the enlightenment to receive Christ as our Savior should not diminish this call by not striving to know our Lord better. Can you not just see how the enemy enjoys seeing a heart grow cold and indifferent to the relational obligations to Jesus?

What was it that first drew you to Him, to answer the altar call or pray to receive Him in the quietness of some day long ago? Where did that desire go? The world?

Seek the Lord this day once again, pray for your heart to be broken by His suffering for you, and renew a right spirit within you so you may once again experience a holy love that cannot be measured by any earthly standard. Let tomorrow’s dawn rekindle His spirit within you.

We can be complacent on many things about this worldly existence, but complacency should never be counted from among the emotions that you equate with your relationship to God. Move out from a life devoted to this temporal existence and regain your commitment to things eternal.

Pray to be consumed with a desire to learn more about God and His Word, pray for a desire to share your faith with others, and pray for the Holy Spirit to take control of your heart from this day forward.

No longer be satisfied with your current state of spiritual growth. God wants you to know Him and He has provided His complete revelation to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

He waits for you to let the relationship blossom.