Word Connections

John’s Gospel gives us a powerful image of Jesus as the Word of God (John 1:1, 14). However, it is worth noting that John was not the first one to introduce us to the Word in the flesh.

Studying the Bible has been the single most rewarding experience of my life. Why God put this fire in me after 50+ years of wandering aimlessly is beyond me and one of the questions I look forward to asking Him some day. How I wish I could convince others of the unbounding joy there is to be found in the illumination of His Word.

Searching for instances of the Word of God brings up many passages, but within these passages where there are times when it is abundantly clear that this “Word of God” is much more than a phrase; it is a physical manifestation of God. As Scripture reminds us that no man has seen God the Father (c.f. John 1:18; Exodus 33:20), but He has appeared physically in representations humans can accept.

In Genesis 15:1-6, Abram speaks to the word of Yahweh concerning the promise God made earlier to him regarding his descendants. Notice in verse 5 where the word of Yahweh brought him outside. This is likely the backdrop to what Jesus was referring to in John 8:56-58.

In Jeremiah 1:1-9, Jeremiah is approached by the word of the Lord to call him to be a prophet. What is most striking is verse 9, where the Lord put out His hand and touched the mouth of Jeremiah. This could only be a physical manifestation of Yahweh. Samuel would also have a visible appearance by the word of the Lord (1 Samuel 3:21).

What is exciting about this, which has come about from further study and reading, is that it provides illumination into the mindset of Jews of the Old Testament: that it was not beyond their belief to recognize God in Heaven as being omnipresent and at the same time appearing to one of their brethren in physical form. In all of these examples, the individuals readily accepted God in physical form.

Which begs all the more reason as to why the Jews during the time of Jesus and today as well were, and are, so quick to dismiss Him.

This is the fruit of study. Finding connections and realizing the unity of Scripture goes deeper than most would imagine.

I encourage you to dig deeper in your own Bible reading and study the scholars who do this for a living. Not only will it improve your comprehension, but it will also strengthen your own discernment in determining Truth.

Be a Berean (Acts 17:11).