An Unbelieving Heart

2 Kings 7:19 (ESV)
“the captain had answered the man of God, “If the Lord himself should make windows in heaven, could such a thing be?” And he had said, “You shall see it with your own eyes, but you shall not eat of it.” 

The Old Testament books of the Kings of Israel is fraught with unbelief and ways that are in direct rebellion to God’s Word; in fact very few of the kings are mentioned in a positive way throughout their individual reigns. It was in their disbelief of the God of Israel and the prophets He sent that accounted for their demise; that in failing to believe on the promises of God, they instead turned to the ways of man, and ultimately paid a heavy price.

That same unbelief exists today. It keeps men from coming to Christ and accepting unbounding grace, instead of crying out “I am a sinner! Save me!” they instead shout out “There is no God!”

But sadly, unbelief does not rest in those outside of the church walls only. Unbelief resides within the church-going community as well.

Consider a recent article where a prominent pastor of a 10,000-plus congregation in New York openly doubted the veracity of John 14:6, instead telling his church body that that is not what is meant in the verse, that many roads do lead to Heaven.

He did get one thing right: ALL roads do lead to God. It’s just that only one road will get you into His eternal fellowship, the rest of the roads widely traveled will face His judgment.

For the believer to have unbelieving thoughts, what then? If one’s faith is weak, how close to the precipice are we from a carnal slide into ruination? Unbelief, either in a saint or an atheist, fosters sin. It is unbelief in the supernatural acts of Scripture that can tug at your faith. Unbelief can quench the Spirit within you, where you should be surrendering to Christ on the throne of your heart, you are instead saying, “wait a minute! How could the sun really stand still in the sky??”

Our unbelieving nature affects our ability to serve others. Instead of seeing Christ in us, the world sees a Christian doubter like any other dark, lost soul. There is no love of fellow man, no desire to be a light to others; instead we become engulfed in our own spiritual battle; a battle we cannot win without God’s armor. Our lamp becomes hidden in doubt.

If you are experiencing unbelief of any of God’s word, man cannot help you. Billy Graham famously prayed to God that he didn’t understand everything written in the Bible, but he accepted on faith that everything in it was true.

Do you have that capacity? Or do you allow the world to influence your belief in the supernatural power of God?