Why Bother?

Apathy has always been one of the greatest destroyers of our impact as believers in this world. Too often we as a body of believers look inward about our own needs and the needs of our local congregation to the detriment of the suffering world around us. As I write this, I am keenly aware of my own shortcomings in this area.

As I was driving to work today, I began to think about what my reaction would be if I came across a car accident. I determined I would naturally pull over and see if anyone needed any assistance and call for emergency response if it had not already been done. And I’m quite sure most of us would do the same. When we see someone in a desperate situation such as in an automobile wreck, it is quite common our desire to help others surfaces and we respond in kind.

In other words, we care.

Unfortunately, for most of us this does not translate to the issue of someone’s spiritual state. We do not typically respond with the same passion about someone’s eternal destiny as we do when it comes to something that will jeopardize their temporal existence. Why is that?

When we see those around us who are lost and are living lives in direct rebellion to God, do we care enough to confront them in a spirit of humility? Do we care enough to introduce them to the gospel of Jesus Christ? Or do we just assume that someone else will take care of their spiritual needs later down the line?

So I lay down this challenge to myself and to you as well. Develop your everyday conversations so that sharing the gospel becomes second nature. Work in God’s plan of salvation in as many conversations you can. LOOK for opportunities and openings to do so. Pray that God on a daily basis will use you to introduce someone to Jesus. CARE about someone's eternal destiny.

Our silence is speaking volumes today. Never before have we seen such a shift in morality as we have seen in recent years. Relativism is going unchecked and our passivity towards confronting unbiblical behavior along with a growing spirit of accommodation is making us as Christians indistinguishable to the world around us.

I can find nowhere in Scripture where that is what Christ had in mind for His church.

I pray you find this post as convicting to you as it is for me. And I pray that our continued internal focus as a body of believers dissolves into a new outward focus where those who are most in need to know that God loves them become the priority of every single follower of Christ.

Let us be bothered by the state of this lost world full of hurting souls.