Remembering Christ

“This do in remembrance of me.”—1 Cor. 11:24.

I wrote a previous post about how there is no room here on earth for the Son of God. It is, then, certainly not a stretch to say that for those who see no need for Jesus in their lives will not give Him a second thought as they go about their daily lives.

But what about us who profess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior?

Could we who have been redeemed by His blood forget Him as well?

The answer, unfortunately, is a resounding yes. Just because we label ourselves Christians does not take away the fact that we are still housed in sinful flesh, ready and willing to be absorbed by the world at the first shiny token we see. Corruption remains our nature, and we are still prone to deceit. Our hearts remain inclined to things temporal, things we can touch, taste, and feel and find it difficult to ponder on things eternal.

The prince of this world will always be working to weaken our witness—he can’t have our souls, but he can sure work to keep us from reaching those lost who so desperately need to know the Truth. This spiritual battle is exactly what Paul wrote of when he outlined the Full Armor of God in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Remembering Christ takes an intentional effort on our part. Take a few moments when you awaken from your nightly slumber and thank Him for the very breath you draw. Ask Him to guide you today and that everything you think, say, and do bring Him honor and glory.

Remember the trials of His ministry as He looked into so many lost and empty faces of people who would reject Him. Remember how His own family thought He was out of His mind and sought to keep Him from fulfilling His purpose.

Remember the prayer in the garden, when His humanity was coming to grips with what lie just ahead, as He sweat those precious drops of blood. Remember the pain and agony, the humiliation He endured, just so you and I could be reconciled to the Father.

Remember His cry on the cross at the moment, full of our sin, His Father could no longer look upon Him. Remember His last breath.

Does not He deserve your remembrance?

As you gather around your communion tables these coming Easter services, I humbly pray you reflect deeply on what it means to “this do in remembrance of me”.