The Light of Holiness

When we decided to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, our journey of holiness began. Set apart for His purpose, we embarked on a process of sanctification, crucifying the old person we were, to become a new creation in Him (2 Corinthians 5:17). This pursuit of holiness is the fulfillment of being set apart. We seek to mirror His nature.

It is in holiness where the life of the Holy Spirit draws us. This Spirit is of love, not religion; it is life, rather than rituals. It is a roadmap to the very presence of our Lord, a destination He has called us to be. It is an awesome thought to know that the same Spirit of the Creator now indwells in us, a Light for all the world to witness.

The question is, are we quenching this power?

Reflect on your own life since accepting Christ: Has the new creation truly emerged dominant in your life? Or is the old man still winning the battle? We cannot serve both Light and darkness, sin and righteousness, self and God. Admit it or not, darkness still resides in all of us, as we are all still of the flesh. The world that surrounds us is filled with much darkness and its attempts to pull you in will never cease. We must therefore make conscious decisions to choose the Light of God.

Not growing in your knowledge of the Lord? You are still in darkness. Not working out your salvation? You are still in darkness. Committing the same sin over and over again? You are still in darkness. Ignoring or disobeying the will of God? You are still in darkness.

You must decide to hate the darkness within you if you are ever to allow the new creation to rule your life (Luke 11:35-36). Place your hope in the Light of Christ so that our bodies become such a radiant light that darkness can find no home. Instead of hiding your evil in darkness, expose it to the light. Take your secret sins and present them to the Throne of Grace and confess them boldly so you may be cleaned from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9).

Persist in Him and His Word. Make becoming a disciple the most important priority in your earthly life so that your repentance becomes true instead of repetitive. Pray for God’s strength to remove these ugly habits from your life.

When we see growth from leaving old sins behind, we can give thanks to God for maturing us, nurturing us, so we can in turn be a more effective witness to the world around us. Every sin that we become victorious over lets our Light shine brighter to a world that so desperately needs the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The essence of holiness is indeed Light. The capacity is within us all, if only we will relinquish the world’s control over our lives.